Thursday, May 31, 2012

Stencils, Journaling and the Emotional Landscape

Occasionally I use stencils in my journals that I have either drawn on paper and cut out, or cut an image out of a magazine to use in a variety of fun ways.
This is a perfect journal technique if you don't know how to draw, or don't care to, and want to add visual drama to your journal pages. It is also wonderful if you are busy, use symbols in your journals, and really don't want to recreate the wheel on every page.
I often use some of my stencils as a kind of emotional landscape, a separation between what is day to day, and what is felt.
I keep a collection of stencils in the back of my journals in a plastic envelope. (I sometimes leave some stencils behind, in the journal I used them in, especially if they have become too full of paint and are torn)
Then I plot out of few pages at a time, using the stencils or not, and painting backgrounds...or not. It's nice to have a few daily options, already set up and ready to go.

This same image could alternatively be used in reverse on some pages, the ground dark blue and the figure white.

I used this "jump for joy' girrl in an old journal so often that I inked her arm totally off.

One of my favorite stenciled images was taken from a wild life magazine and I improvised the area where the Egret was standing.
There is very little going on here except a lightly rubbed crayon background, ink sprayed on the stencil (I should mention that I used a negative image...cut out the image then drew around it on another piece of paper, then cut that out) , then paper tape applied just below, and sprayed again for a layered effect. even though it wasn't a lot of work, I am keeping things a little simpler now...and my stencils small and less flimsy.
Less likely to lose an arm in an inking accident...and more time to write.
Try using stencils for emotional landscapes. Drama, it's not just for breakfast anymore...put some in your journals.


Linda Thiltgen said...

your journaling is lovely. Thanks for the tips.

Leigh Anne Farrell said...

Lovely is right.... I don't have the time/discipline to do this, but I really enjoy looking at your work. Thank you!

Zoma said...

Love this!

laurie said...

what a great technique - thanks for sharing. i can relate to your pages because they are similar to what mine typically look like.

Introverted Art said...

I love your self-created stencils. Stencils are something I have not played with much and did not want to invest too much money on them... but now, you gave fuel to the DIY muse in me.

Lynn Fisher said...

Thanks for stopping by everyone...and need to buy stencils, make your own. I have even used those bags the apples come it...makes great backgrounds! nothing is safe around here : )

Jenny said...

Oh Lynn, your blog is BEAUTIFUL!!! I just love your gorgeous journal pages... and the stencils you made... really love the page in a post below too where you have journaled around the eye... stunning work...

Jenny x

Crafty Green Poet said...

lovely pages and i like the idea of using stencils too

Jennifer Richardson said...

fascinting....i gather so many
ideas when I come around here
and it sends my "want to write"
into overdrive!
you do have a gift
to inspire, friend:)
thanks for sharing,

dsnake1 said...

thanks for the tips!

i am more of a pencil/ink sketch person but it's always great to learn new things or techniques. :)

moonsweetie said...

This is brilliant!

storybeader said...

I like your stencils. I was thinking about "cutting and backing" things that I like from magazines. They seem to work for you! {:-D

Tricia @ Daring Hue said...

I like the idea of cutting out stencils and then keeping them with the journal. I like how you used the face stencil in lots of different ways. Enjoyed seeing your pages!