Thursday, May 16, 2013

Heart's Path Explorer Interview

I was very happy to be asked to be a part of Heather Koshiol's Interview series called the Heart's Path Explorer Interviews  on her website: Learn + Explore + Share.
Heather's site, as well as the classes she teaches in the Twin City area, encourage you to live your heart's true path through a variety of creative means. Each month she features a new Heart's Path Explorer.
I'm honored to be listed among the previous accomplished interviewees. Thank you so much Heather.
You can read the interview here.


aimee said...

that is so exciting, Lynn! congrats on the feature! xo

Lynn Fisher said...

Aimee, thank you!

Introverted Art said...

Lynn, congratulations!!!!!! I am a little late, but this is so cool!

Lynn Fisher said...

Thank you Ana!